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    Year to Date for multiple years




      Forgive my lack of workbook, but the data is sensitive.  So hopefully a screen shot will do.  I need the YTD for multiple years throughout the year.  In the top half of the screen shot I can easily do this by just clicking on the TYPE dimension and click SUBTOTALS and the YTD calculates for each year.  However it's not the easiest to compare previous years to current year.  So the 2nd half of the screen shot is how I'd like the layout, with each year next to each other and then show the YTD for each year off to the right of February.  So the left half will be for February or the current month and then the right of the page will be for YTD.  Hope this makes sense.  Please let me know and again I apologize for not including a workbook.  If it matters, the Revenue and COGS for the rows are calculations and not dimensions.