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    Donut Chart Swapping issue

    Sunny Sehgal

      Hello All,


      I am a newbie and would like some help in formatting the dashboard with donut charts. I have 2 sheets with donut charts and would like to hide/unhide and have the container take the whole space whenever one sheet is selected.

      I have created a parameter and a calculated field. I can perform the desired result using other charts but not with donuts. I am hoping its a quick fix as I might be missing some settings.


      Here is the attached file.


      Thanks for the help!



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          Sharad Adhikari

          Hi Sunny,


          The sheet swapping did not work for me either. But I would just change the calculation Dept/Cat Filter to


          Case [Dept/Cat Select]

          When "Category" then [Customer Segment]

          Else [Department]



          I shall put this in one visualization lets say color, labels etc. You do not need sheet swapping with my technique. You will be able to change the view using one view and there is no need to create two sheets and dashboard.




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            Kaz Shakir


            Give this a try:


            Create a calculated field that's just a placeholder that just contains a 1 or " " or something, and make sure to make it a dimension (and discrete).


            And then on each of your sheets, place it on the Columns shelf, and de-select the show header item.:


            Then, on your dashboard, make sure that for each of the frames the "Fixed Height" is de-selected.  Then it should work.


            Hope that's helpful.  Please let us know if that addressed your goal.


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              Sunny Sehgal

              Wow that works like a charm! Thanks Kaz for the quick response.

              I can never come up with this magic of calculation field :-) Thanks again!


              Sharad Adhikari,

              Sharad, I am using the superstore data just to show the functionality I need and my data is different so I have to do swapping. Thanks for your input.