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    Top 5 Product categories showing incorrect values after applying a filter from Country?



      I am new to Tableau and using Tableau 10.1.  I want to show Top 5 Product categories on a scatter plot based on Profit. I have Sales Dollar value on Columns and Profit on Rows. I have created a SET on Product Categories and defined Top 5 values based on Sales Dollar value. It shows me top 5 categories for all countries (there are only two countries) and other filters such as all markets. As soon as I apply the country filter on a specific country, it shows me 4 categories since the 5th Category was related to the other country. Is this the expected behavior? I expect it to show me the Top 5 categories based on the Country that I selected. Am I doing anything wrong? I am attaching the packaged workbook for your reference. Any help would be appreciated!