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    Need Elegant solution for less Data manipulation

    John Zielinski


        I have a problem that needs an elegant solution in Tableau.  I am trying to create a stacked bar chart that shows outstanding parables over time.  The data I have has $, Name, Start Date, end date.   The only way i have ever been able to make this work is to create a Matrix with a continuous date line (E1- CO1) then add a formula to determine if the $'s should be showing up vs that date.  I then RESHAPE the data on the yellow square to create a table that tableau can use.  With my data, it creates 700,000 lines of data that is WAY too much to make this a reliable method.  Can someone show me how to make the Graph that I have in the packaged workbook without having to create the data reshaping???

      Supplier nameStart DateDue DateDollars1/1/171/2/17etc.
      supplier 11/1/172/15/17$1000010001000
      supplier 21/7/172/6/17$1500000
      supplier 31/12/173/3/17$2000000

      Image test.png