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    Different data sources in different workbooks?

    Max Bahne



      I came from Power BI to Tableau and have to admit that Tableau is a nice tool which has many benefits in comparison to Power BI. But there is one thing which I couldn't figure out till now: I would like to build a template which I can use multiple times to connect to different data sources. One quick example of the problem: Campaign 1 starts. I collected all the data regarding campaign 1 from different APIs into one Google Spreadsheet for campaign 1. Then I use the built-in connector to create a live-connection from Google Spreadsheets to Tableau - works great. Now campaign 2 starts. I duplicate my template and change the connector to the Google Spreadsheet for campaign 2. If I save the changes in Tableau and take a look into the visualizations I built for campaign 1 they are filled with data for campaign 2.


      I believe there are many use cases where this handling of data sources is very useful, but in my case it is very annoying. My current workaround is: Duplicate the template for campaign 1, append the data sources for campaign 2 and change the data for the visualizations. This process is very time-consuming and tedious.


      Does anyone of you have a solution for that problem or knows a feature in Tableau I haven't figured out yet?


      It would be great!


      Best regards,