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    Adapt the container

    Nano A



      I am using Tableau for printing purposes (I know that it's not the best use of the software ). So I have 3 dashboards with a table which contains some products and their sales figures per year.

      -The first dashaboard contains products ranked from 1 to 30

      -The second one from 31 to 60

      -The third one the remainder, until 90.


      I have also a brand filter which will determine the list of my products. So for example the brand 1 will have 70 products (3 dashboards) and the brand 2 only 40 (2 dashboards).


      On the other side I have a sheet with some comments. And I need to put it on the last dashboard. In my example, for the brand1 it will be on the dashboard 3 and my brand2 on the dashboard 2.


      So I've thought to put my Table and my comments field in a vertical container, and to impose to my table to adapt its height with the number of products. And when there is enough place, namely on the last page for each brand (more especificaly on the 3th dashboard of my brand 1 and 2nd dashboard of my brand 2)  to show my comments sheet.


      I can't immobilize the height of my table because it will not be dynamically dependent on the number of my brand products anymore.


      I hope that's quite clear ^^ Is there a way to solve this?


      Thank you in advance