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    Containers resizing on server

    Ray Squires

      Sorry I can't include the workbook yet due to the data contained. I will try to create a clean version later if necessary but I thought I would see if this is something others have run across. I have a workbook containing two very similar dashboards. Both have three vertical containers across the top and one container below those three. There are a mixture of things within the containers and I've set everything I can find to fixed height. The primary 4 containers have boarders and create a very clean view.


      The first dashboard is meant for print so it is sized for standard landscape. The other dashboard is interactive so it it's size is set to automatic. In desktop and reader both dashboards behave as expected. On the server the first, fixed size dashboard is right. However, on the automatic dashboard, the container height is changing. The automatic sizing also only seems to work in full screen - but maybe that is to be expected (not an IT guy).


      I appreciate any advice.



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          Ray Squires

          Ran across something on the forum that ended up being the answer.  I published the workbook without the one dashboard set to a fixed size and everything started working for the rest of the dashboards - containers sized properly and the dashboards automatically sized to the screen.

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            Zach Leber

            Hi Ray, many people use fixed-size dashboards for interactive Server versions in order to know and control exactly how big everything will be for users. But I still like using automatic. In your case when you fix the height or width of a layout container, that competes with Tableau's attempt to stretch or shrink all elements to fit the web browser screen. Automatic dashboards are supposed to make views bigger or smaller to keep things in proportion. The only compromise you can make is to fix some but not all of the layout containers so Tableau can autosize the remaining ones to fill the screen when you use automatic.


            The full-screen option on Tableau Server just makes everything bigger, which usually makes an automatic dashboard that's been squished too small look good.


            It's very hard to predict how big a user's Server browser will be - laptop vs. desktop, Chrome vs. Safari, tabs, etc.


            I think the ultimate solution is to keep your dashboard so simple it scales to any size. Otherwise use fixed.




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              Zach Leber

              If you publish a workbook with tabs, any fixed size dashboards will prevent the other dashboards from auto-sizing normally - they won't go any smaller in either dimension than the fixed size, but they will go larger. Another workaround besides leaving the fixed sized dashboard out is to not show tabs.

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                Chris Gadd

                Thanks Zach Leber! I spent ages trying to figure out why my automatic-sized dashboard wasn't resizing properly on the server. I'm sure it's documented somewhere, but it could do with a pop-up warning when you go to publish - if you have the 'Show sheets as tabs' checkbox ticked and you have a mix of fixed and automatic worksheets you're publishing.

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