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    AD sync issues on similar user names

    Alexander Mou

      A previous employee of the company is Carolyn Miller. Her short ID in Active Directory is CarolynM.

      A new employee came and her name is Carolyn Meek. So she inherited the same short ID CarolynM.


      In Tableau Server, Carolyn Meek would see her name displayed as "Carolyn Miller".

      To fix this, I deleted the user "Carolyn Miller" and resync the tableau group.

      The new name for CarolynM is now Carolyn Meek.


      A few days ago, this approach no longer works. I tried many times delete and re-sync. But the name won't change.

      From AD, we do see that the new employee's name is there.


      Any hints on fixing this? Something to do with the server PostgreSQL database?


      Thanks a lot!