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    Export To CSV changes teh date time format from 24hrs to AM/PM

    Gaurav Tilara

      Hi Colleagues.


      Tableau server 10.1.3.


      I am exporting data from tableau in a CSV file using tabcmd export command . In the exported workbook  i have two date time columns  with the format

      mm/dd/yyyy hh24:mm:ss (03/28/2017 22:45:12)

      But when the csv is generated the file format is changed to 

      mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss AMPM (03/28/2017 10:45:12 PM) which is an unreadable format for the tool to which we are supplying this data.

      I am able to see the correct format when i view the CSV file using MS Excel.


      Please help in this case.i want the date in mm/dd/yyyy hh24:mm:ss (03/28/2017 22:45:12) format.


      Thanks in advance