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    how to recreate names

    Alex Martino

      I have two categories in a dimension called categories.


      Categories has Real Estate and Renewals.


      Then there are subcategories.


      Real Estate = Real Estate and Other

      Renewals = Real Estate, Consumer, and Other


      I want to create a new dimension called channels with the following logic.


      If category = Real Estate, then CHANNEL = Real Estate (regardless of subcategories)

      For Renewals, I want each of the subcategories to be titled Renewals. So Real Estate Renewals, Consumer Renewals, and Other Renewals.


      How can I create this?



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          Chris McClellan

          Some sample data would be great, in an Excel file would be even better

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            Sujay Paranjpe

            Hi Alex,


            I am guessing this is what you have.


            Real EstateReal Estate
            Real EstateOther
            RenewalsReal Estate


            and this is what you need


            Real Estate
            Real Estate Renewals
            Consumer Renewals
            Other Renewals


            Use the below.


            Create calculated field



            IF [Category] = "Real Estate"  THEN

                "Real Estate"

            ELSEIF [Category] = "Renewals" AND  [Subcateogry] = "Consumer" THEN    

                "Consumer Renewals"

            ELSEIF [Category] = "Renewals" AND  [Subcateogry] = "Real Estate" THEN    

                "Reals Estate Renewals"

            ELSEIF [Category] = "Renewals" AND  [Subcateogry] = "Other" THEN    

                "Other Renewals"





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              Craig Dewar

              Sounds like you are almost there Alex.


              Have you tried a simple calc like the following?







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