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    Custom Views Unresponsive - Tableau Server 10.2

    Kevin Cain

      The company I work for just upgraded Server from 9.3 to 10.2.  An unexpected failure is that worksheets for which I had been able to create and use custom views as expected on Server 9.3 are now no longer reacting to the custom view.  I suspected that perhaps the custom view had been deleted at upgrade, but all my custom view names from 9.3 are there in 10.2.

      I even deleted them all and tried fresh, but I'm getting mixed response.  For a workbook with 5 tabs, two of the tabs don't seem to respond at all to the custom views while the others work as expected.  In the image below, the Select Dimension parameter should switch to 'Broad Category' and the Select Measure parameter should switch to 'Net Sales'.  The image was captured after selecting the custom view, so it is evidence of the worksheet's non-reaction to the custom view.


      I'm not getting any error messages, and the workbook was published with embedded password.  Has anyone come across this when upgrading Server to 10.2?  Are there any Server settings that should be reviewed?