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    getSchema called three times

    Carey Gister

      I'm using tableauWDC-2.1 and I updated to Tableau 10.2 this morning.  I noticed that my getSchema function is being called three times.  I know this because my getSchema functions calls a distinct REST API and the API logs invocations.  There are three serial invocations of the API.  This appears to be a new behavior.


      Can anyone tell me how to suppress this behavior?  I am relying in getSchema to be called only once since it builds data structures that my other functions use.


      Thank you.

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          Brendan Lee

          Hey Carey,


          Are you viewing this behavior when working with a WDC on Desktop or with a WDC on Tableau Server that is refreshing?  And what exactly is the workflow you are going through? Initial connection, extract refresh, etc.


          I've just tried this out on my end in Tableau 10.2 Desktop and I can't reproduce the issue.  What I tried was just putting console.log messages in my getSchema call than looking at the logs.  



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            Carey Gister

            Hi Mr. Lee,


            The problem occurs with Tableau Desktop.  It only happens if getSchema sends an empty array to the callback function.  This occurs when no valid schemas are returned from my server, which will happen if no data is available for the requesting user.


            I can't find a way to signal to the Tableau WDC that I want to abandon the getSchema operation other than raising an error.


            Do you know of a mechanism to indicate this state?