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    Multiple Time blocks on single X Axis Visual (Gantt?)

    Dan Gordon

      Hello Gurus,

      Could use the help.  I am trying to create a visual that shows the flow of a patient thru the ED department.  Each patient has a single record that has multiple datetime stamps for each “event”, Arrival, Triage, ED Bed Assigned, ED Physican Visit, IP Admit Order or Discharge Time, In IP bed time, etc.  The time stamps are down to the second and in datetime format.

      I have attached sample data (excel).  This is the visual I am looking to create:

      Can this be done with the data I have in the format I have (multiple time stamp in single record).  If someone could show me how to create this visual (with steps please), it would be greatly appreciated.  I have tried Gantt Charts with multiple axis, but cannot seem to get more than 2 time series to display on same x axis? 

      Your assistance is greatly appreciated.



      Dan Gordon