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    unattended config

    Jeff Strauss

      I know with 10.1 there is the ability to do an unattended install via scripting.  Unattended Installs of Tableau Server




      Has anybody done any script comparable with updating the config? 



      I tried testing out a move of the backgrounder processes to a different node so I did a "tabadmin set worker0.backgrounder.procs 1", but this caused a big red "X" on the status screen so then I went back and did it through the official config dialog (on dev), and it worked.  But this takes long.




      Mike Roberts

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          Glen Robinson

          Hi Jeff

          Have never tried this before, so thought I would give it a go.


          Ran the following (which worked)

          tabadmin stop

          tabadmin set worker1.backgrounder.procs 2

          tabadmin config

          tabadmin start


          My cluster came back online with 2 backgrounders on worker 1.(there was only one before hand)




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            Jeff Strauss

            interesting, the only difference that I can see is that I was adding 1 backgrounder to a node that had never had it before.  So I am thinking that if you go the normal dialog way, then it has a step in there to add the needed dll's or some other enablement.

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              Glen Robinson

              Hi Jeff

              I have just completed the same exercise.

              Added 2 backgrounders to a worker which never had backgrounders installed on it before.

              And, if I look on the GUI Status screen, it shows the backgrounders as being down.

              However, if I use the TABADMIN STATUS -V command it shows them as being running....


              Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 16.19.02.png

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                Jeff Strauss

                thx for checking!  I believe that the "tabadmin status" verifies that the port is open.  But the "X" means that something is still wrong like missing dll or icon or whatever.