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    Parameter to Filter Measure Names?

    Amber Eadie

      Hi Everyone,

      I have an interesting problem to solve that I am hoping you all can help me with. I have attached a packaged workbook with sample data to make things easier to describe. What I need to do it somehow filter the Measure Names/Values differently depending on whether the parameter Capital or OMA? is set to "Capital" or "OMA" by the user in the workbook named Sheet4. Currently it is setup for the parameter when it is set to "Capital" so those are the measure names/values I would need the filter set to if the parameter was "Capital". I need to be able to change the Measure Names filtering when the parameter is set to "OMA" to the OMA fields that are equivalent to the Capital ones (i.e . CAP Actual Cost = OMA Actual Cost).

      Is there a way to setup a calculated field to help me with this issue of changing the filter values based on the parameter value? I was originally going to just create another workbook and then switch out the measure values/names to the OMA equivalents but then I realized that it would change it for all workbooks which is no good.