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    Help needed with calculation for turnover data

    Jack Smith

      Hi there -


      I am trying to do some analysis around turnover ratio. My data source currently has a historical snapshot of each of the employees and what division they belonged to. What I am trying to accomplish is basically show a table form display of the following:


      Division                    Month             Beginning of Month            Terminated           Transferred      Backfilled         End of Month

      12                             January           10                                            5                                  2                       6                           9

      12                             February          9                                             1                                  2                       0                           6



      I want to see how many folks left Manufacturing division (without counting the back fills). So in January there were 10 employees at the beginning of the month, 5 left the company and 2 moved over to engineering. There's 9 at the end of the month because there were 6 back fill positions filled.


      I am having trouble identifying how many left (terminated or transferred) without counting the number of employees at the end of the month. I need to know how many folks got either terminated or transferred (7) as well as how many were back filled (6) (folks that were not in that division in the prior month)


      Let me know if that does not make sense