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    Filtering and selecting (dummy questions)

    Esther Twain

      Hi community,


      See dummy dashboard snaphost below (SuperStore sample subset; can't attach the workbook - don't know why!)


      1. I want the Category filter to show circles instead of squares, to match the bubbles icon. Is this possible?

      2. When the user selects a bubble, "the top 10 by category" bar chart is updated to show the top 10 sub-categories for that category. But, I want the default top 10 by category to be the top 10 overall, and show the top 10 by category only when selecting a bubble. How can I set this default chart?

      3. Imagine we would have more bubbles, like 100 bubbles (categories). I want to display the NAME of the top 10 categories only inside the bubble. How would I accomplish this?






      Dashboard 1.png