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    Export to DWG/AutoCAD

    Hannah Fairbairn



      This is my first time posting so I hope it's in the right place. I've searched all over google and the forums and can't find anything related.

      I'm looking for a way to export paths I have created in Tableau maps into AutoCAD. Does anyone know of a way to do this? Or is Tableau not capable of this?


      I know you can import polylines into CAD by creating text files in the following kind of format:













      I have the lat/long rows, but I can't find a way to create the Pline and blank rows.

      I have previously used excel but the data we have is very large so the only way we can do it in excel is to break it up into smaller files which can take days.

      We're hoping to speed up the process by using Tableau, but I'm not very familiar with dealing with database type programs so I'm not sure what the limitations are.


      I've attached a workbook with dummy data (I hope it works, I've not packaged a workbook before).

      I want a way to export those lines into CAD, bearing in mind that my actual workbook has about 300,000 rows.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Hannah, 


          Thank you for coming to the Tableau community to pose your question and thank you very much for supplying a workbook and sample!! 


          Is the output to CAD a CSV file that uses that PLine value as it's own row (header) so it would be equal to PathID in the supplied workbook?  And do you need a unique file for each PathID?  I'm thinking this might be addressed with Javascript or Python scripting in v10.2 but sharing exactly what the output needs to be and making sure that we understand what data you have in your file (specifically that PathID field) will help a bit.  This isn't something that Tableau straight up does as it's really a sort of ETL function rather than a Tableau viz thing but I'm guessing it might be possible.  Depending on your answer, we might want to move this to the Developer Forums area where the code/hackers hang out.  


          Russell Christopher also might have a word or two to share since he comes across just about everything.