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    How to display multiple time dimensions in multiple columns with each column having conditional color coding

    Rajeshwari Guddeti

      I have multiple time dimensions which should be shown against given product.


      Below given screenshot is taken from SSRS:

      I want to generate the similar kind of report in Tableau.


      I want to show four different time dimensions in four different columns. Each column have planned value. For each column i have to give conditional color code based on planned value. If actual is greater than planned value then cell should be in red. And if actual is less than planned value, cell should be green. Is it possible to provide planned value on top of table as shown in the figure. Planned value will be different for each and every column.


      Also, I have to display average of these time values at the bottom.


      Attached is the excel sheet for reference.


      Any help would be appreciated.