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    Sharing multiple sheets with other Tableau Online Users

    Gonzalo Yague

      Dear all,


      I (user called Gonzalo and defined as administrator) have created multiple sheets and  would like to share them with another Tableau Online User (user called Test and defined as viewer). Logically, Test user only should be able to view the sheets.


      In order to achieve that, I followed these steps:


      1. I logged in with Gonzalo account and created a new user (Test) by clicking on Users > Add Users and introducing its email account.

      2. I selected all the sheets I want to share and clicked on Actions > Permissions. After that, I defined the different permissions for Test user and saved the changes.


      Here I face my problem. If I click again on Users tab and the new user (Test), there are no sheets available. Is there anything else I should do?


      I would really appreciate if anyone could help me solve this issue.


      Thank you very much in advance.


      Best regards,