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    Communicate back using Tableau Server

    Bharadwaj Munjuluri

      I have not tried using Tableau Server to publish my reports generated using Tableau Desktop. However, I wanted to explore if the following requirement can be availed using the Tableau Server:


      After I publish my report to Tableau Server, I believe a user can see the report via a URL. I would like to check if there is a feasibility for the user to Select a particular area (a bar or a slice in the pie, etc) and add a comment to it which can be sent either to the Report Creator or anyone in the firm?


      For example, I, as a user of the report, see on the Tableau URL page that a particular area in the report is not as expected and willing to check back with concerned department. Currently, I highlight the area, take a screenshot and send it to the concerned department. I wish if I can do it from the report itself.