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    Combining sheets selection and Filter actions in Dashboard

    Meenakshi Gopalakrishnan

      Hi Tableau community,

      I have a dashboard with 4 sheets A, B, C, D. I want to add two menus in the form of /checkbox/drop down in the dashboard. One for selecting a source sheet and second for selecting which other sheets should act as filters. (Note I m not intending to dynamically hide other sheets)

      Ex: After I select sheet A as source from a checkbox Menu. Then I should be able to select sheets B, C in the filters menu to act as filters for sheet A. Views of sheet A will change according to the filter applied.

      Say sheet A is about number of clinical visits by year. Sheet B can be one that shows gender proportion.


      I understand this can be done using dahsboard actions. In my scenario there are multiple combinations. However can this be achieved using drop down menus as I mentioned above? How to combine parameters with dashboard actions and filters?


      Please suggest and point me to related posts/references.