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    Tableau 10.0: Nested Ranking and Sorting for Each Calculated Measure Value

    Riley Hun

      Suppose I have a text table like the one shown below where there are 6 different measure values derived from calculated fields corresponding to referral source.




      I would like to rank and display the top 3 referral sources for each measure value: Funded (#), Funded ($), Funded (%), Declined (%), etc. I cannot alter the data source in anyway, so no pivoting or reshaping the original data source, as there are other worksheets pulling from this live data source. Thus far, I am only able to rank one measure value at a time using RANK(), and then filter for the top 3. So as a last resort, I am prepared to break this table apart into its 6 constituent pieces, then using RANK() for each...However, I would prefer to avoid this altogether.


      How can I go about doing this where the end result would look something like this...?