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    Parameter Scroll Bar Display Issue

    Ryan Henderson

      I have encountered issues with how internet explorer and chrome differ when showing parameters.



      Example dashboard:




      In chrome, you will only see scroll bars when the parameter height is less than 28 pixels tall:


      In internet explorer 11, you will see scroll bars when the parameter height is less than 30 pixels tall:



      Is there a reason why these two browsers differ? This becomes a problem when designing a workbook initially for chrome and using the 28 pixel minimum and then having a customer open the same workbook in internet explorer and they see scroll bars on all parameters that were set to 28 pixels.





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          Amanda Luthy

          Hi Ryan,

          As you've discovered, different browsers often have different rules for when they choose to display certain functionality. Since these are defined by the browser, individual services like Tableau can't force the browser to render something in opposition with how it has been defined by the browser in question (such as when scroll bars appear). It's probably best to design for the more restrictive display limitation. In this case, you probably want to set your parameter height to 30 pixels to always guarantee that they scroll bars won't render.


          Hope that helps,