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    Layered Maps w/ 10.2

    Amy Sharma

      Hi All


      I have a bunch of data broken out by county including voting history.

      I can map this easily using Tableau's built-in map layers.


      I also have shapefiles that identify state legislative boundaries.


      My goal: highlight various legislative districts or counties and have all effected geographic areas be highlighted. For example in the attached workbook, on the dashboard, if you highlight Upper House District 8. That also overlays Lower House District 174, 175, and 176. And about 5 or 6 counties.

      So choosing Upper House District 8 in the "Upper House Boundaries" tile, should then cause all corresponding Lower House Districts in the "Lower House Boundaries" to highlight and the same with the "Trump v Clinton" counties in that tile.


      I know that the boundaries are not all the same. But I need to see how these three things interact.


      Any and all suggestions are welcome.


      Thank you

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          Mary Solbrig

          The relationship between Upper House District 8 and the Lower House District 174, 175, and 176 is that 174, 175, and 176 overlap district 8. That is a spatial relationship that Tableau cannot determine. I don't see any information in the data that indicates which districts overlap with other districts or counties, so it looks like you would need to turn to another program such as Alteryx, ArcGIS, PostGIS, QGIS to prepare the data with the relationships you want ahead of time.

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