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    How do I show a subtotal on a Pie Graph

    Michael Muller

      Subtotal - Pie Graph.jpg


      Hello! I searched the forum but wasn't able to find anything on this topic.


      I'd like to display the green section subtotal somehow (title would be perfect..but not having luck with that).


      It should show "67% On Time" (18.7 + 20.7+ 27.6)


      Options I've tried:

      1. Calculated Field - adding to details - displaying in title comes up as 161 to 238...sigh

      2. Creating another table and displaying it separately on my dashboard - It worked...but looked horrible and took up way to much of my dashboard.


      Option 1 would be my 1st choice, but if there are some tips on how I could do Option 2...that would be great.


      Help! Thanks! (I've spent a week on this! Ugh!)