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    How to center lines on Dual Axis bar/line graph with continuous date on X-axis

    Derek Lindbloom

      I am trying to create a stacked bar chart with a dual axis so that a 12 month moving average can be graphed as a line going across monthly scores represented by the bar charts.  The problem I am running into is that although I can get the bars to line up with the tick marks on the X-axis just fine, I cannot get the line also be centered.  Am I just missing some simple function or alignment with the line graph?  If I shift the date to discrete and everything is centered nicely but since the goal is to eventually have 2 years of data it would be nice to have everything appear as one contiguous chart - no breaks in the visuals between years. 


      I can't upload a packaged workbook but I can tell you the data structure is as follows:


      DateEvent Type 1 (Count)Event 2 (Count)12 MMA (Calculated)





      Any advice?