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    Tabcmd exporting cached image?

    Mark Pesce

      I'm having issues exporting the most recent dashboard into a picture file. Here is the code that I am using:


      "c:\program files\tableau\tableau server\10.0\bin\tabcmd" export SpecialChargeCodes/OrderEntryErrors -png -f d:\OEErrors.png

      "c:\program files\tableau\tableau server\10.0\bin\tabcmd" export SpecialChargeCodes/OrderEntryErrorsSummary -png -f d:\OEErrorsTitle.png


      The batch file runs about every hour and the dashboard is linked to live data source on my server. It seems to be exporting a previous version of the dash every time. When I access the dashboard on my server, it is pulling in the most recent data. Is it possible that I need to delete some files in my cache on my server itself?