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    Need urgent help with employee performance assessment

    Natalia Nyatina

      Hello Tableau Fellows!


      I hope you are doing well!


      Our company got a few Tableau licenses a few months ago and we have been exploring this powerful tool since then.

      What we have: we've got four agents and their performance scores (QA score). Each of four agents has an operations role, each role has established performance expectations. Junior Analyst role, for example, requires a minimum of 90% QA score, while Team Lead is expected to have at least 95% QA score.

      What I am trying to do: develop data visualizations that will show me right away if an agent meets performance expectations (in regards to the established % requirement for the role). I also want to get an average QA score across all agents with the same role and see how each agent under this role performs in comparison to the average. I would also like to see trendlines and how their performance changes over time.


      If you could please help me with that, I would greatly appreciate it!


      Thank you