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    My participation to the IronViz competition 2017

    Annabelle Rincon



      This is the first time I participate on the IronViz competition (Iron Viz: Geospatial Contest | Tableau Public ). The topic for this year competition is the use of spatial connectors in Tableau, but otherwise the subject was totally free. I chose to represent the geopolitics of Game of Thrones (GOT) for a twofold reason: on the one hand because GOT a very dense subject, and secondly because it is much fun to represent a fantasy world which resembles so closely the political struggles that we see in the modern days... to be totally honest this exercise had also a very useful side effect for me; as  I am sometimes lost following the many Houses, Lord Baelish's latest strategy to gain; by cunning manipulations never by brave battle, the last battle for freedom, sightings of white walkers and so on and so forth.


      I picked up the maps or shape files to draw the Westeros's map in the following link : https://www.cartographersguild.com/showthread.php?t=30472


      On the above reference, there were several shape files : one for the continents, another for the islands, one for the cities, roads, rivers, it was an endless list of disconnected maps although they all shared in common the representation of some geographic part of the realm of GOT... My first task was to merge the different shapefiles containing the maps for continents and islands together into a single shapefile,  the second task was to connect all the shape files easily through the Tableau spatial connector ( see instructions Tackle your Geospatial Analysis with ease in Tableau 10.2 | Tableau Public ).


      After some join and blend operations, I obtained the following maps by using the Tableau spatial connector:


      Map No. 1. Localisation of battles during the Five Kings Wars : each orange point being the localisation of a battle


      Map No. 2. The Dominions of each House, with their associated Sigils. The localisation of the sigils being the localisation of the House's Castle.


      After having created the two maps depicted above I created the overall viz. My viz is divided on four different themes :


      Theme No. 1. Global navigation ( the below map is just an image)


      Theme No. 2. A geo-statistical analysis of the battles during the Five Kings War


      Theme No. 3. A geopolitical and strategic analysis


      Theme No. 4. A "crown favourite" analysis to forecast who is going to be the next Iron King. The analysis is  based upon a statistical analysis on the likelihood to die (for the source see below notes), and the popularity of each character in Twitter.



      In terms of design, I tried to maintain an uniform colour code for all the dashboards, add some dashboard actions, improve the tool-tips, and respect the best practices in term of data visualization.



      I sincerely hope you like it!


      Sources : The Datasets used in these analysis were found online and created by GoT's fans :

      - Myles O'Neil : www.kaggle.com/mylesoneill/game-of-thrones

      - Chris Albon's : https://github.com/chrisalbon/war_of_the_five_kings_dataset . Its a great collection of all of the battles in the series.

      - Erin Pierce and Ben Kahle, who created a dataset as a part of their Bayesian Survival Analysis : http://allendowney.blogspot.com/2015/03/bayesian-survival-analysis-for-game-of.html

      - For information about characters :  http://awoiaf.westeros.org/; the methodology about which character will die can be found here: https://got.show/machine-learning-algorithm-predicts-death-game-of-thrones

      - other characters or battles informations were found online in http://fr.gameofthrones.wikia.com

      - the twitter data comes from the web connector published online by Alex Ross : http://tableaujunkie.com/post/119681578798/creating-a-twitter-web-data-connector



      To discover more about the characters, Houses or regions, please have a look at my viz ( Tableau Public ). Should you happen to like it, please vote for me in twitter #GeoIronVizarincon ; the winner will have the opportunity to present his Viz on Las Vegas 2017 Tableau Conference .