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    Creating a Calculation Based on Two Dimension Choices

    Milton Forde

      Hi All!


      I'm hoping that someone will be able to help me solve a problem I'm having.   I'm trying to create a % change calculation based on two UPCs that I am picking for comparison.

      The base measure is price and I'm trying to create a line chart comparing two picked UPCs and then show the percent difference in price change between the two over a week by week time period.  The key here is that the user will be able to pick two UPCs to compare at any time with the % change result.   I've tried different ways of doing this, but each time I am not getting the result I need.  Is there a way to create a universal calculation that will allow a user to always pick two UPCs and see the results?


      Attached is an example workbook file (ver. 10.1) that I am working with.  I'm hoping that someone will be able to help me out on this.


      Thank you in advance for your response.