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    Salesforce 10.1 continuous date fields - Snapshot data

    Kristy McGee

      I have a workbook that we have created in 10.1 but it is strictly from Salesforce.  We need to track multiple non continuous dates on one viz.  New Date, Activation Date, Closed Date.  Right now, we are 'hardcoding' dates into calculations and forcing 12 different tabs into one worksheet - hardcoding all of the axis to align. 


      We are working on putting the sf data in a sql table, but it is not a priority for the team right now.  I have also created this in 10.2 by joining salesforce data to a date/key excel datasource (thats awesome, but explodes the data). 


      I have added it as another ds and blended, but because I want to attach a lot of dates to this one date, I am not getting the expected behavior.


      salesforce data blending.JPG

      This is literally 36 different calculations to capture the monthly changes and all 12 tabs are in one container.