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    Only Tableau authentication type is supported for tabcmd

    Ernie Norling

      Hello -


      Relatively new Tableau user, please let me know what details are missing from my question below. Appreciate any direction that can be provided.


      Using Tableau desktop 10.2 with Tableau online. Attempting to login to tableau online and download a view to a PDF using tabcmd. The batch file

      running these commands was working fine until recently when we starting receiving the error shown below. Checked the user authentication online and

      it showed that we are using Tableau authentication for the connecting user.




      Connecting to the server...

      Signing in...

      *** Not authorized

      Only Tableau authentication type is supported for tabcmd. Site admins can change users' authentication type on the Users page when signed in to the browser environment. (errorCode=16)



      This is a portion of the batch file that is being run (omitted some details):


      cd "C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\10.2\extras\Command Line Utility"

      tabcmd login --server https://online.tableau.com --username ..... --password .....

      tabcmd get "/workbooks/....." -f "local_path/file_name"

      tabcmd logout


      Thanks in advance for your help,