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    Email Multiple Users with 'One click' URL Action

    Jeffrey Smith

      I've surfed the forums but haven't found an answer to this question.


      Question: Is it possible to email multiple users from a URL Action with one click? How?


      I have a single worksheet/dashboard with a list of students and emails.

      A URL Menu action will email an individual student; screenshot 1

      User can select several students and use the same action to email all the students at once (one email).


      Is there some way to email all students in the list at once (one email) without needing to select each one?

      One can't select the total to to do this, and placing the email in tooltips makes it an attribute due to the multiple relationships and so not action accessible.


      Screenshots below and example workbook attached.


      Screenshot 1- Will create one email for single student


      Screenshot 2- Will create one email with all four students in the to: line.