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    Unable to Connect to Google Sheets

    Jack King

      I was trying to connect to some Google Sheets for some testing on an idea I had last night when I got this error. I checked again this morning and it's still happening both in Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public (both at 10.2). Looks like a server-side issue. Anyone else seeing this?


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          Jay Morehart

          With Server 10.1 I have an extract of a google sheet that refreshes every 30 min, There was an error with the refresh 3/23/2017 21:00 EST but other than that it is working.
          I just tried connecting to google sheets with desktop 10.2 with no issues.

          If the issue persists, it could be an issue with your network, or with one of Googles api servers that you happen to be hitting.


          Good luck

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            Jack King

            I'm still having the issue even after a full uninstall/clear temps+cache/reboot/reinstall.


            Any suggestions out there? It's not a connectivity issue, everything else is working just fine. I'm signing into Chrome and other Google services successfully it just won't load the "Sheets" list after authenticating. =/


            I LOVE working with Google Sheets! Can anyone help? I've checked the logs and they're pretty sparse (just repeating the message from the screenshot above with no additional details).

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              Jack King

              I just had a minor breakthrough... I've found that if I search a known sheet name it works! If I search blank it still gives the JSON error however.


              This will make it functional but having a full working list of sheets would be nice!

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                I faced a similar problem with Chinese and Malay Files.

                But surprisingly it was automatically resolved.

                Not sure what had happened previously? or how it was resolved?

                Please refer to: The specified item was not found.

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                  Gabriela Rangel

                  I'm having the same issue, and it started two days ago. I tried following this procedure: Error: "Unable to evaluate JSON path expression with the given JSON payload." When Connecting to Google Sheets | Tableau… , but I don't understand what this means: "The JSON can be connected in Tableau Desktop (copy and paste in the Data menu) to find the documents which are causing the error."


                  I found the logs and found the line in question, but I don't understand how I can tell which file in Google Drive is causing the issue. I get the error message before I even try to search for a file. I can ignore the error and then type the name of the sheet I need, but Tableu asks me to log in to Google Sheets whenever I want to add another sheet, even if I just authenticated, and when I need to refresh, even if I just entered the info for a refresh during the same Tableau session. Can this issue affect scheduled extract refreshes from Google Sheets? How can I resolve this?




                  Tableau version: 10.0.9 64-bit

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                    Harshad Mehta

                    Ya this is irritating, because that error is back now.

                    I thought it was resolved in March when I was able to overcome this error, but now its back again

                    some tips on this:

                    I keyword searched by my target sheet name & just connected it to that file.

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