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    Data not link properly for blending two data sources

    William Zhao

      Hi there


      My data combining from 2 data sources, primary datasource is casecount for every year by several categories: disease, gender, age groups, ethnicity groups, regional area.

      secondary is data source from census database, population count by genders, age group, ethnicity,regional area.


      The goal is compare the caserate in each specific group and national wide.


      I want these two data source link together by the match dimensions. link data dimensions is for action filter in dash board which could provide comparison view by clicking each categories.


      However if i link two data source together, the population will deduct where primary data base is null. case count number won't change since from primary. Population will miss match as a secondary datasource.

      The case rate formula = (case count / population count)*10000 which also incorrect due to population changed.






      Many thanks if anyone could help.