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    How to apply multiple report refresh at a time through TABCMD command

    Debayan Bhattacharjya

      Hi All,


      Need some help for doing Tableau report automation


      We are trying to incorporate automation through series of TABCMD commands which will be executed from a .bat file and in return will refresh multiple reports.


      Q1) So previously we were facing issue where when executing refresh extract we were unable to see whether report refresh finished or not in Background process, whereas in TABCMD console its showing SUCCEDED. So we incorporate "--synchronous" property while tableau refresh extract. Will this property create any extra headache in terms of huge volume load( say data >1 million.


      Q2)We have multiple reports which are not interrelated to each othe.So while refreshing from Web Tableau server, we used to refresh all the reports parallely. But in TABCMD, to save some extra time for the batch script to finish.,Is there a way to refresh it in parallely?.Currently I believe its executing sequentially 1 by 1.