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    Actions not working on dashboard

    Ranjita Radhakrishna



      I have 3 dashboards and I am trying to implement the functionality to navigate across all three using actions. For example: Let's call the dashboards A, B and C. On dashboard A, I have created two buttons and labeled them 'Go to dashboard B' and 'Go to dashboard C.' I have created 'Actions' to both buttons by selecting to 'Show All values' on 'Select.' Actions are working fine when I click on the buttons.

      Issue: When I click on 'Go to dashboard B,' user is taken to B. On this dashboard, I have two buttons viz, 'Go to dashboard A' and 'Go to dashboard C.' I have implemented similar actions to both the buttons. But when user clicks on either of the two buttons, action is not working and the user remains on the same dashboard B view.

      Similarly, on dashboard C there are two buttons to navigate to dashboard A and B. The actions on these buttons aren't working as well.


      Could you please share any thoughts on how to navigate across dashboards using action functionality?