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    Youth User - How to make money with Tableau ?

    Bill P

      As a follow on to my post regarding my son (https://community.tableau.com/message/582504?et=watches.email.thread#582504 ) , I would like to see if anyone had recommendations on how he could make money with Tableau. 


      Thank you

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          Chris McClellan

          I wouldn't say he's ready for consulting work quite yet, so if you're meaning "right now" then I don't think there is a way.  You would need to find a business that wanted to employ him (too young in most countries though).


          In a few years ? Just knowing Tableau would get him a good job, with a few years of database, Alteryx, Tableau, etc..  it would get him an awesome job in a business or as a consultant.

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            Mark Fraser

            HI Bill


            I would recommend that for now your better encouraging his enjoyment & learning in the area of data and analytics rather than pushingn him towards some kind of paid employment (yet).

            When he is old enough (both in maturity and legally) to make his own career decisions then is the time to help in this way.


            I would suggest any form of paid consultancy work could bring a level of stress which could have the opposite effect of encouraging a tableau zen master of the future, he might actually be turned away from it.

            As mentioned, i would start with just enjoyment, follow along with makeover monday, keep the subject matter interesting and appropriate for him and let him make his own choices. Once he develops a basic set of skills and broader understanding and concepts, then maybe he could then do some voluntery work for a charity or that type of organsiation - this would provide him the real world experience but also benefit others...


            Anyway just my 2 pence worth... either way, very best of luck in whatever he decides


            All the best


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              Bill P

              Thank you everyone for the replies.