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    Quick filter - "All" should not aggregate the different values but represent certain values only.

    Nupur singh

      I have 2 metrics - Gross Inventory and DOS where I want that when we select "All" in quick filter it should aggregate in Gross Inventory but in the DOS metric should represent a specific value rather than aggregating the values.


      Please find below the example data which will better represent the situation more clearly.


      So if I have data mapped as two circles on the worksheet one for Gross Inventory and another for DOS and have quick filters on Region, GBU, SUB_GBU and Franchise. When we select "All: on the quick filter for all the 4. I want that Gross Inventory should select aggregated value but for DOS it should be selecting the line which has GBU = Region_level, SUB_GBU = Region_Level and Franchise = Region_Level, thus it should select 878 when All is selected for DOS but for Gross Inventory it should still select as aggregated for all the lines..


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      RegionGBUSUB_GBUFranchiseGross InventoryDOS
      US ConsumerSoap AHoney6576555876
      US ConsumerSoap BCoconut68669969797
      US ConsumerSoap CBluberry907077788



      Also attached I have created a tableau file for the same