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    Need help with a new calculation with date fields

    Kevin Stinnett

      I am trying to return our fiscal period and fiscal year based on a date field.

      Our Fiscal Period table is set up as follows


      Fiscal Period Year     Start Date                    End Date

      1   -       2014               01/04/2014               02/02/2014

      2    -      2014               02/03/2014               03/03/2014

      3    -      2014               03/04/2014               04/01/2014

      4    -      2014               04/01/2014               04/29/2014

      x    -      x                          x                               x


      x    -      x                          x                               x

      and so on


      I am using the following formula. I am getting Nulls returned and I understand why but I am not sure how to modify the formula to get it to work correctly.


      if [Post Date]> [Start Date] and [Post Date] < [End Date]

      then [Fisc Year Per]

      else null