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    Using R

    Alex Martino

      I'm trying to use R with tableau. I installed and made active Rserve in Rstudio but when I use external service connection it gives me the following error: "Unable to open file 'R:\My Tableau Repository\Services\ExtSvcConfig.xml': The system cannot find the path specified."



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          Nicholas Hara

          Hi Alex,


          It looks like Tableau may not have access to the directory R:.


          Another option is that the file path is wrong and instead of an R-drive, the actual path should be something like C:\\


          But there is not a ton of information to go off of, so I'm shooting in the dark a bit.


          • Do you have administrative privileges to your entire machine?
          • Is Tableau installed in a directory that is not the default C-drive? If so, is there a reason for that?
          • Is Rserve running locally?
          • What are the exact steps you took for the error to occur? Screenshots help too!
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            Alex Martino

            Ok thanks. I'll take a look at all these questions and get back to you.