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    Publish Workbooks but not Data Sources

    Todd Schuman

      Working on a POC and had a few thoughts/questions:


      I have everything grouped into projects.  Each project will have a group for owner ,interactor, and a viewer.


      1. The project owner creates data sources, schedules extracts and makes them available for the project.
      2. Interactors  create new workbooks on the server and save them to the project
      3. Viewers can run the workbooks and view the data


      I don't want to allow anyone other the project owners to create data source connections.  Is it possible to control the desktop users so that they can publish workbooks from desktop but not create new data sources?  They would connect to the server data sources when they create in desktop.


      I can do this with the REST API I believe with a publish command but is it doable with the desktop tool and some sort of security filter?