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    Tableau Minimum site role


      Hi All,


      We are using the authentication type as LOCAL


      If I go to any site-> groups->


      On the Groups page, select one group and Click Actions >


      We will see a minimum site role option. I'm seeing that as disabled for me. Is there a way to enable this 'Minimum site role' option or may I know the reason why it was disabled for local authentication


      Appreciate your quick response



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          Glen Robinson

          Hi Trinadha

          AFAIK, the minimum site role option is only available with Active Directory Authentication. (on AD groups)

          The reason for this is that with AD groups, you can sync the users in that group (in AD) with your Tableau Server, which will import any new users to the Tableau Server.

          This means that when a user account is imported a site role needs to be assigned to it. Hence there is the option of minimum site role.

          With local authentication, the account needs to be explicitly created, (and a site role assigned to it), before it can be added to groups. Therefore, you dont need to assign a site role, as one has already been assigned.


          Hope this makes sense


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            Thanks Glen. Your response helped me

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