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    How to Remove Userlinks Section from Embedded Viz


      In prior versions of Tableau Server up to 10.1, I was able to hide the user links section (displayed on the right-hand side of an edited viz) using CSS modifications discovered in this blog: https://tableauandbehold.com/2015/12/07/css-magic-tricks-with-embedded-tableau-server-views.  After upgrading to 10.2, these same CSS modifications for user links don’t seem to have any effect.  Since we embed Tableau into our web application, we don’t want to give the user the impression that they can sign out or modify preferences, which will direct them to features outside of our application.


      I realize that this is custom programming, but was just curious if there’s a better way to hide the user links feature in 10.2?




      These changes no longer work when modifying vqlauthoringweb.css after 10.2 upgrade: