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    Dashboard Action URL links work in Desktop, but after publishing to Tableau Public, point to wrong URL.

    Jonathan Seiden

      I have a Tableau Public visualization here that behaves very nicely on my desktop but after publishing has some strange behavior.


      Tableau Public


      I am using the visualization as a landing page for a series of additional visualizations that I will be making. The viz is a world map, with countries highlighted where we have data. When the user hovers on a highlighted country, it displays the number of datasets we have available, and when they click the country, it lists projects and a link to each dataset. All of these URLs will be hardcoded into my datasource, but I am using dummy links (cnn.com, npr.org, google.com) to test my viz.


      When I use this on my desktop, it works beautifully and clicking on a link will open the correct webpage. However, after publishing to Tableau Public, it tries to append the URL to the URL of the viz, which generates a 404.


      Any ideas? Thanks in advance!