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    Create batch file to append Extract Refresh using windows scheduler

    Sharon Kabra



      I would like to create a batch file script that will run using windows scheduler.

      The reason I need it, because I have 2 Tableau data sources , one is keeping history (does not changing ) and the second (current) is changing every day .

      I want both of them to be in one Tableau data source and every day the current data source be refresh and will be append to history data source.


      I look in the internet and couldn’t find example for that  .


      Tableau data sources name: : xxx_hist  ,xx_current


      Tableau server address : http://xxxxx.xxx.xxx.net

      Tableau user name : john

      Tableau user password : xxx

      Tableau project : TEST

      Tableau datasource : xx_current


      SQL server data source : DW


      I start to do something like that but I got stuck ,

      Didn't know where and how to use append in the script and where to insert SQL server info. or maybe I need to create third data source ?


      cd <E:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\10.1\bin>"

      tableau refreshextract

      --server  http://xxxxx.xxx.xxx.net

      --username john

      --password "xxx"

      --project "Test"

      --datasource " xx_current "


      Thank you for your help