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    User Synch up Script for Tableau Server which was installed on Local Authentication

    Dileep Vuppu

      We are facing an issue on automatic processes for User_Sync script on Local Authentication at Tableau Server, let me brief what we had done. Thanks.


      1. 1.    We had installed Tableau Server on Azure Cloud Via Local Authentication.
      2. 2.    Configured SAML, to facilitate the users for Single Sigh On.
      3. 3.    Migrated all the content from on Premise to Azure Cloud.
      4. 4.    Now at user end an automated process for access request, that will be taken care by User_Sync Script  attached(dummy)
      5. 5.    Not able to sync the users as it can assist only for Windows AD (LDAP), since it is different domain there is no LDAP at our end.
      6. 6.    Over Server is unable to read the User_Sync, after changing the script with our credientials.


      Please drop an email at dileepvuppu@gmail.com/+91-9553466660, if anyone has come across the automatic user_sync up script for Tableau Server on Local Authentication. Many Thanks.