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    Tableau Impala connectivity via Kerberos

    Vaibhav Yadav

      Hi Tableauers,


      Hope you are having a good time visualizing!


      I have connected my Tableau desktop v9.2 to Impala via Cloudera ODBC connection using Kerberos.


      I made a simple visualization using it and published it to Tableau Server.


      On Tableau Server, I have connected to impala production via ODBC using Kerberos.


      Now, when I publish the workbook having live connection to dev Impala it gives unknown error.


      Also, when I edit the connection on server and specify the server name, port and username same as we used in ODBC on Tableau server it gives message "cannot connect to sever".


      I need help to find what is missing on the server so as my sheet could connect to the Hadoop Impala production.

      Or how can I user the ODBC created on server in the workbook published from Tableau Desktop.