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    issue with the ref line and the calculated field

    Somok Sarkar

      Dear All I have been encountering 2 issues which would need your help to resolve.

      1. Reference line on X axis in not appearing.

      2. Calculated field 'Priority' is not working properly.

      The Reference Line on X axis is coming from the parameter 'Number of D/C s'. I want this to be visible as Y axis.

      The condition for the calculated field 'Priority'is

      High = Delay Cancellation Count> 250 and Fault Prediction Probability> 0.18

      Medium = Delay Cancellation Count>=0 and<= 250 and Fault Prediction Probability> 0.18

      Low = Delay Cancellation Count>= 250 and Fault Prediction Probability>=0 and <= 0.18

      Negligible = Delay Cancellation Count<= 250 and Fault Prediction Probability<= 0.18

      All the Objects are falling under the negligible category now.